GenHERation: Wharton Venture Award 2014

By Katlyn Grasso W’15, Founder of GenHERation

At 4:03 AM in the morning, my team met at the entrance of the Philadelphia airport with eight suitcases, four banners, and optimistic smiles. As part of the first GenHERation Summer Leadership Series, we were scheduled to visit five cities in the next seven days to hold workshops for more than 500 girls across the United States. GenHERation is a female empowerment network for millennial girls. We provide girls the opportunity to work with national corporations and nonprofit organizations to develop their own advocacy campaigns to address community issues. After receiving the 2014 Wharton Venture Award, I dedicated my summer to the national expansion of GenHERation.

Los Angeles sm

GenHERation in Los Angeles

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Big Changes for VIP

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

This month, we welcome a new class of student entrepreneurs to the Venture Initiation Program, and along with them, several exciting changes to the program.

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Scale Your Mindset

By Todd Gibby WG’97, CEO of BoardEffect

Growth is awesome.  This is true in any business setting, but particularly so in an early-stage environment. For entrepreneurs, growth is a wonder drug that cures most visible ailments, and countless hidden ones.  But, like anything, too much growth (too aggressive, overextending operations) can also create problems for our evolving organizations.  As a result, we focus a lot on how to manage growth – how to tame the same wild beast that we strive tirelessly to unleash.  We obsess about how to prepare our organizations to perform successfully as they grow – in short, how to “scale” a business.  Conversations about scale tend to focus on systems, processes, people, and business models…each of which is important.  But, in my experience, one thing rises above them all as far as criticality in scaling: mindset.

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Work On Your Startup In Class: Management 231

By Daniel Reardon C’15/W’15, Co-founder and CEO of Athways

This fall, I enrolled in Management 231: Entrepreneurial Venture Initiation in order to receive mentorship and advice on launching Athways, a startup I have been working on with some friends. Though we made solid progress over the summer, as undergraduate students who have never launched a company before, we felt that we could use some guidance in building this startup. This class has been incredibly helpful in that regard; it has enabled us to go from a group of students with an idea and a landing page to a company with a written plan and communicable vision that will launch a product in a matter of weeks.

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How To Find Amazing Technical Cofounders – Through Wharton

By Robert Seo WG’12, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Slidejoy

Do you have a billion dollar idea, but no technical cofounder to build it? I was in the same situation when I met my technical cofounders Jaeho Chung (alumnus), Sanghoon Kwak (WG’14/G’14) and Hovan Yoo through a Wharton connection. Actually, I didn’t even have a billion dollar idea when they asked me to join the team. So how did I get the Kim Kardashian of dev teams—who collectively have created apps that have been downloaded over 500 million times, received 4 science and engineering degrees from Stanford (A bachelors, two master’s, and a PhD) and even won a Bronze Medal in the International Physics Olympiad—to ask me to join their team?

Slidejoy Founders at the time of founding.

Slidejoy Founders at the time of founding.

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Entrepreneurial Intern Fellow: Inside FinTech

By Cory Oringer W’16, 2014 Neff Entrepreneurial Intern Fellow at Estimize

Interested in doing an internship at a startup this summer? Come to our WE Wednesday session: Is a Startup Internship Right For Me? on October 29, 4:30-5:30pom Jon M. Huntsmann Hall room 365.

This summer I worked at Estimize, a venture capital backed, financial technology (FinTech) start-up. Estimize operates an open platform for crowdsourcing structured financial data such as earnings estimates of publicly-traded US companies, as well as macroeconomic indicator forecasts.

Cory at Esmetize sm

Left to right: Leigh Drogen, Cory Oringer W’16, and Bob Greene W’82

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Six Reasons to Be a (Graduate) “Studentpreneur”

By Betty Hsu WG’14, Founder of ProfessorWord

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in Education Week.

I worked on ProfessorWord while I was an MBA student, so I’m often asked about my experiences as a “studentpreneur.” One common question is whether I think graduate school is a good time to launch a startup.

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Get to Know a Wharton Prof: Laura Huang

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

In this series, Get To Know A Wharton Prof, we do brief interviews with our professors in order to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of these amazing scholars, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Today’s interviewee, Laura Huang, is an Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Wharton. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California-Irvine, an MBA for INSEAD, and a B.S. in Engineering from Duke University. Learn more about her here.

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Six Financial Tips for Food Businesses

By Keith Kohler G’93/WG’93, President of K2 Financing and food industry consultant

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of advising a wide variety of companies in the food and consumer products spaces.  And I’ve reviewed probably about 10x that amount in business plans and company financials. Along the way, I’ve accumulated a few lessons that continually ring true for startup food businesses:

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$1000s in Free Market Research—At the Library!

By Cathy Ogur, Business Research Librarian at the Lippincott Library

Come see Cathy Ogur talk more about the amazing resources available to entrepreneurial Penn students at WE Weds, October 15, 12-1:20 pm, JMHH 265.

As an entrepreneur on campus, you will be impressed and excited by the types of resources the library provides. Are you looking for trade journals to read to develop ideas; industry research to learn about sectors; demographics databases to identify customers; company directories to create a list of possible competitors; financial benchmarks to draft projections; or deal summaries to understand the funding climate? The library can help! We strive to purchase resources used across academic and corporate settings, including more than 120 business related databases, most of which are available to students, faculty and staff of Penn with their PennKey and password, anywhere they have an internet connection, through the library website.

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