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Converting a theme into a Rails gem

Intro This describes how to create a gem which can be used with Rails from the Yellow Pencil Wharton theme. Required materials The Yellow Pencil theme, available in assets/WWWv1.0 Ruby 1.9.2-p290 or compatible Rails 3.2.3 or compatible Steps Let’s create a … Continue reading 

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Complex Forms for Many-to-Many Relationships

I have been endeavoring to learn Ruby on Rails for the past few months.  Right now I am working on a simple application that implements the Prisoner’s Dilemma problem.  You can see the data model below: One task I found … Continue reading 

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Taking the next step

Something I spend a fair amount of time thinking about is what’s on the horizon. What sorts of things should we be learning and implementing to make ourselves better developers and a better team, as a whole? Part of that … Continue reading 

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TDD: Good Idea… or Great Idea?!

I bet that if you ask programming job applicants what their thoughts on automated testing are, the vast majority will say it’s a good thing. Yet, like most of the development shops I’ve worked for over the years, we aren’t … Continue reading 

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Intermap – A Backbone.js app – Part 2

See Part 1. Routing Backbone.js features a routing engine that couldn’t be simpler to use. There are two important things to take note of. Instantiate an object which extends Backbone.Router like the following, with a routes key: Call Backbone.history.start(); to … Continue reading 

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Software Development Stage 1: Feature-Complete

Last week I used a term in conversation with which it seemed none of the people I was talking with were familiar: feature-complete — So I thought I would take the opportunity to share what it means to me, where … Continue reading 

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Intermap – A Backbone.js app – Part 1

Intermap is an interface to create maps of connected ideas. You enter terms and a matrix is created which shows the interactions between terms. One of the key features we wanted in the interface is to have the terms on … Continue reading 

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