Drexel E-Learning Slides and eLearning Guild Webinar

Drexel posted an archive of the e-Learning 2.0 Conference presentations from March 20th, 2008. 

Drexel e-Learning 2.0 Conference

Earlier this morning I participated in my first webinar hosted by the eLearning Guild.  Becky and Erin Wyher represented the Learning Lab as well.  The main host, Steve Wexler, gave Alec and the Learning Lab team some great shout outs!  Other speakers included Anne DerryBerry, Clark Quinn, and Kevin Corti (read my former post Big Guys of E-Learning).  A recording of the webinar as well as a copy of the March 2008 eLearning Guild 360 Report are available here.  If you want to see the report you have to fill out a survey, which I already did if anyone wants to see my copy.  Their reports are thorough and very informative – great resources for anyone interested in eLearning and simulations. 

The webinar was great!  It was presented using Adobe Connect so we were able to view slides, take polls, communicate in a chatroom, and hear the various speakers using audio.  It was a very interactive session and I could see such technology being extremely useful in future distance learning courses! 

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