Mysteries Galore

After reading an article on NPR about how Einstein’s brain helped to unlock some mysteries of the mind, I was reminded of how Psychology and especially Neuroscience are still in their infancy compared to some of the other sciences (like Physics – ahh but even Physics is still waiting to uncover all of the mysteries of the quantum enigma!).  There are so many mysteries left to uncover in the world!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget because we keep pushing forward despite our incomplete knowledge and new knowledge is discovered every day.  We build societies off of this foundation of limited knowledge simply because we have no other choice!  Our tools to uncover truths have yet to be perfected.

Still, this article served as a good reminder of why the education system may still seem a bit misguided at times.  If we don’t fully understand how the brain works, then we can’t fully understand how learning works, and if we can’t fully understand how learning works then we can’t fully understand how all of the interventions that we implement to enhance learning will work! 

I suppose all we can do is try our best to take our limited knowledge and create a limited big picture.  Maybe in a world of uncertainty it’s best to work out the sketch like an artist?  Solidify the sketch and leave room to fill in the color as we uncover more information!  Or like a puzzle – find all of the end pieces and create the frame so that you can figure out the middle within  the framework of the entire shape.  Hmmmm any other metaphors?

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