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Contextual Approaches to Student Experience

I remember reading about 5 years ago (long enough to render the notion obsolete by today’s standards of evolution), that “content is king.”  As I find myself writing a paper about the differences between Eastern and Western medical perspectives, it … Continue reading 

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On Becoming WHOLE …

My life is dotted with moments of potent self-realization.  When I’m lucky these moments arise through sudden painless insight, but more frequently I learn through good old-fashioned experience which isn’t always painless. As a member of the Student Experience team … Continue reading 

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Mass Customization in Full Effect

Once I have awareness of an emerging trend, I become hyper-vigilant  of any clues that might signal the strengthening or disappearance of that trend.  Of course this might make me biased, since I am “hyper-vigilant” I might be more likely … Continue reading 

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On Spoiled Babies, Snowflakes, and Apprenticeship

If we were to watch only two minutes of the middle of a television program, it would make little sense.  It would be a disconnected event.  If we were to watch a weaver sewing a tapestry for only a few … Continue reading 

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The Oscillating Truth

So it has always seemed to me that life is a series of oscillating patterns … like a sine wave.  You can quite literally see it and hear it in the more aesthetic and audible industries like fashion and music.  … Continue reading 

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Games for Systems Thinking!

Thank the Lord!  I have been thinking this since I started working at the Learning Lab.  Simulations/Games are fantastic for teaching systems thinking!  Let’s get some more in the classrooms.  And kudos to the Ackoff Collaboratory for researching this field! … Continue reading 

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Happy Birthday Russell Ackoff!

Today I attended the memorial service held for Russell Ackoff and as I suspected it was full of great quotes!  Russell Ackoff was a Wharton professor, Renaissance man, architect, city planner, philosopher, behavioral scientist, trailblazer, father of organizational systems theory, … Continue reading 

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To Russell Ackoff, Acclaimed Systems Thinker

This blog is long overdue because I was stricken once again by my perfectionist tendencies which always tell me that I can’t do something unless I’m going to do it perfectly.  I wonder how many of the world’s ideas are … Continue reading 

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A Year in the Life of Edublogging

Sometimes I forget that I don’t really have THAT much time to blog and after all, blogs are not supposed to be novels.  Yet still I insist on topics that involve recapping an entire year’s worth of knowledge into a … Continue reading 

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A Melange of Edublogs

Do you know of other changes in education for students by Ignatia Webs – I enjoyed Ignatia’s table of the changes that have happened in education over the years.  Simulation Design in Three Easy Steps by Clark Aldrich – always … Continue reading 

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