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Quick Thoughts about Innovation

I thought maybe it was just a buzz word but I think it’s one of those things that we’ll constantly strive for – like global peace or peace of mind.  I think innovation is just a fancy word for change … Continue reading 

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Metaphors and Wisdom

In my last entry, I said something along the lines of being fascinated by the fact that advice in one sector of life can often be carried over to another sector if you slightly change the metaphors.  I thought I … Continue reading 

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The beauty of mail and the green grass in your own backyard

I love mail – apparently the love of mail is a highly inheritable trait of the human genome – or at least it seems that way as my father seems to be just as excited whenever the mailman comes.  At … Continue reading 

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Big Picture Learning

Thanks to some blog networking and comments by Tavish Ledesma, I was informed about an organization whose sole mission is “encouraging, inciting and effecting change in the U.S. education system.”  The organization is called Big Picture Learning and they have … Continue reading 

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More About Crossing Disciplines

I’ve had the pleasure to read the book ArtScience  by David Edwards.  He started an innovation laboratory in Paris (Le Laboratoire) where scientists and artists collaborate together on experiments.  In ArtScience, he stresses the need for cross-discipline work as a … Continue reading 

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Campus Technology 2008

Big Picture points from the Campus Technology 2008 Conference 1.      1.  Crises accelerate change:  A speaker talking about the characteristics of IT departments of today and tomorrow stressed this point.  He felt that IT departments need to make some crucial changes … Continue reading 

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An Innovative Day in the neighborhood

Innovation – the new essence of life!  Everyone wants to be labeled innovative – forward-looking, futuristic, ahead of the times.  I don’t know, it sounds good, as long as we don’t neglect the present.  After all, the present is the … Continue reading 

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