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Trend Watch: Collaborating with Students

Hmmmmm an awful lot of Universities are working with students to develop in-house iPhone applications.  From the University of Maryland’s Mobility Initiative which includes a new computer science class that will teach students how to program software for the iPhone … Continue reading 

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MGMT 652 Leadership Simulation: A Story about Potential

I occasionally post to the Penn Engaging Students through Technology blog which has a host of talented bloggers capturing their experiences with technology at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are interested in technology, education, learning, or university life I … Continue reading 

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Make Every Mistake Conceivable to Man

It’s the WSX (Wharton Securities eXchange) time of year again for the Learning Lab!  Each August around this time, we run the simulation with pre-term MBA students who want to learn about and experience what it would be like to … Continue reading 

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Leadership Among Other Things…

Themes seem to cycle in my life like seasons sometimes and right now the theme is leadership.  From testing a new leadership simulation designed by Forio to writing up a summary for one of the Learning Lab‘s own leadership applications … Continue reading 

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The Game (theory) of Life

Before I write this, I would like to throw out a disclaimer that I don’t understand the intricacies of the current financial situation and even after people explain to me the various definitions for subprime mortgages, and welfare states, and … Continue reading 

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The Evolution of Learning Symposium 2009

PART ONE – DAN PINK (check out the video here) There’s so much that I could write about the Evolution of Learning Symposium which is exactly why this blog has only begun to materialize two weeks after the event.  The … Continue reading 

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Emotions, the East, and Comedians

I’ve been fortunate to sit in on several debriefs of Learning Lab applications over the past month of our OPEQ simulation and the new leadership simulation.  To my surprise, although this may not be a recent phenomenon, I’ve been pleasantly … Continue reading 

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Germans, TUNA, and Oprah – Oh mY! (and an article)

What do Germans, Tuna, and Oprah have in common?  Absolutely nothing!  However, the Learning Lab ran the Tragedy of the Tuna simulation at the German MBA conference November 22 at Huntsman Hall – quite the conference hotspot these days.  Professor … Continue reading 

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Net Impact and Tegrity

Last Friday and Saturday, November 14th and 15th, the Learning Lab ran a redesigned version of WSX (Wharton Securities Exchange) for one of the sessions in the Net Impact conference titled “The Wharton Social Stock Exchange Simulation”.  Instead of only … Continue reading 

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On Dogfooding and Learning/Technology Conferences

I love learning new words and this week’s pick is “dogfooding.”  Let’s see what Wikipedia (2008) has to say about that: To say that a company “eats its own dog food” means that it uses the products that it makes. … Continue reading 

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