The Vault: Windows security, mobile devices, iOS 5.01, and Hacked!

Welcome to a new feature on the Security blog: The Vault. Every week Barry and I come across a variety of articles and blog posts about various aspects of security. Why not gather up all those links and share them with you, dear readers, instead of reading them and moving on?

With the backstory out of the way let’s make like Scrooge McDuck and jump into the Vault:

  • Kim Douglas, a writer on Microsoft’s Windows team, wrote a great article all about Windows security for the home user. The article covers a lot of ground, which makes it a little lengthy, but if you have a Windows PC at home it is well worth a read.
  • When you leave your house you aren’t leaving behind any chance of a security breach. We’re all using more and more mobile devices (I have three on my desk at the moment, though I might be a bit of an outlier) and they have unique security concerns. The Internet 2 Wiki has a list of great tips for securing your mobile device that isn’t written with a specific platform in mind. If you use an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry this list has something for you to think about.
  • Speaking of mobile devices, if you use an iPhone or iPad it is time to update your OS. Apple has just released OS 5.0.1 with a slew of security related fixes (including one for the Smart Cover bug)
  • Finally, James Fallows documents what happened when his wife’s Gmail account was hacked in an article for the Atlantic called “Hacked!”. It is a good read, and serves as a sort of crash course on why hackers do what they do.

Image of the vault lock from Mike Mahaffie’s Flickr Stream.

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