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Apple updated Snow Leopard malware detection

Just a few days ago I blogged about a Mac specific malware app making its way around the web called Mac Defender. Yesterday Apple released a security update for Snow Leopard (the most recent version of OS X) that addresses … Continue reading 

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Macs and malware: MacDefender

Macs don’t get viruses and malware, right? Not quite. While it is true that historically Macs haven’t suffered from the same level of attacks that Windows has, OS X is far from immune from these sorts of attacks. At the … Continue reading 

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OS X Lion adds full disk encryption

I’m a big fan of the Mac (ask anyone!) but I’m not one of those folks who can’t admit when Windows has an edge over OS X. One of the areas in which Windows 7 trounces OS X 10.6 (that’s … Continue reading 

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The importance of good passwords

Chances are you’ve been told time and time again that there are a couple of rules of thumb for generating a strong password for any of your accounts: Don’t use any words found in the dictionary Don’t use personal information … Continue reading 

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