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Wharton Public Policy Initiative Summer Internship

Arjun Mahadevan

This summer when I was searching for an internship, I knew I wanted to explore finance, a field I had no previous exposure to other than through Wharton classes. I was able to do this, and much more through my … Continue reading 

Your ladder to the sky

Brendan Stone

My purpose in writing this post is to clarify a common misconception regarding the forging, maintaining and utilizing of professional contacts. I often hear students speak with pessimism about not having family contacts in their industry of interest or being … Continue reading 

Aligning Education and Values

Olivia Nelson

At Wharton, we learn the skills necessary to be successful in various industries and to have profitable careers. It seems to be that one of the biggest misconceptions about Wharton students is that making money is all that matters to … Continue reading 

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Ambassadors and Role Models Abound: A Freshman Perspective on Wharton’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Olivia Nelson

After only one semester, I can already say that one of the things I love the most about Wharton is the incredible entrepreneurial spirit that is promoted by students, the administration, and a number of programs and initiatives. Going into … Continue reading 

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Buying Blue Jeans: My Summer Internship in Retail

Jiyu Lin

It’s August, which means that back-to-school shopping season is in full swing. Suppose you want a new pair of jeans. You walk into a department store and begin browsing your options. Blue jeans, black jeans, skinny cut, boot cut, this … Continue reading 

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Social Entrepreneurship in Peru

Leah Davidson

For the past nine weeks, I have been working with an organization called Expand Peru in Huancayo, establishing a sustainable economic development program that will accept international volunteers. My primary responsibility is to help a group of 10-15 teenage girls … Continue reading 

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An Etiquette Lesson

Nikita Anand

Last summer as part of my internship, I was coerced into taking an etiquette class. The format of the night was presented to us beforehand: it would be a four-course dinner beginning with an hors d’oeuvres hour. Back then, as … Continue reading 

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Social Impact at Wharton

Celia Lewis

I came to Wharton eager to learn how I could leverage my business education to add measurable value to both local communities and society at large. Now, halfway through my junior year, I have had the opportunity to pursue this … Continue reading 

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Working at the Wharton SBDC

Katlyn Grasso

As the creator of two nonprofit organizations, I have always viewed entrepreneurship as the driving force behind social change.  My passion for entrepreneurship stems from my desire to positively influence society through business innovation.  Working as a consultant at the … Continue reading 

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On-Campus Recruiting

Sally Zhao

As a graduating senior, OCR seems very distant to me even though it was only a year ago that I was partaking in it.  What is OCR?  Well, it’s officially called on-campus recruiting, and it happens the second semester of … Continue reading 

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