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Interdisciplinary Study

Matthew DeGagne

A large component in my decision to come to Wharton and Penn was the emphasis on interdisciplinary opportunities. Unlike many other programs I applied to in the United States and Canada, Wharton placed a great emphasis on exploring other fields … Continue reading 

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Ten Reasons

Melanie Smith

As this school year comes to a close, I want to share 10 reasons I loved my sophomore year in Philadelphia, Penn, and Wharton. I will do it with pictures. Pictures of my favorite skyline and my favorite city. I … Continue reading 

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Majoring in Mask and Wig

Rishi Simha

When asked to write a blog about my experiences at Wharton, I didn’t know where to start.  A variety of factors make me thankful for my Penn acceptance letter nearly three years ago.  The academic excellence – both of the … Continue reading 

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The Freshman Experience

Janelle Tong

A wave of thunderous chatter hits me as I enter the cozy yet crowded 11th floor lounge of Harrison. As I find a chair to sit in, I notice an air of awkwardness and anxiety amongst the multiple conversations. What … Continue reading 

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Social Impact at Wharton

Celia Lewis

I came to Wharton eager to learn how I could leverage my business education to add measurable value to both local communities and society at large. Now, halfway through my junior year, I have had the opportunity to pursue this … Continue reading 

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VIDEO: Big Brothers, Big Sisters at Penn

Katlyn Grasso

I worked with current students to make this short video about the Big Brothers, Big Sisters club here at Penn.

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VIDEO: Black Wharton Undergraduate Association

Tonjanika Smith

A brief highlight of my favorite event of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association student club. I talk a little bit about our annual GALA event while standing in Koo Plaza, a courtyard/greenspace, on the second floor of Huntsman Hall. I hope … Continue reading 

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From Small Town to the Big Leagues

Simone Lundy

Being from small town Dover, Delaware resulted in an extremely skewed perception of “city living.” In Dover, driving is the primary means of transportation. I can’t enter any shop in town without recognizing someone, and everything closes at 8 pm … Continue reading 

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Meeting the Founder of the National Adoption Center

Katlyn Grasso

This past fall my Management 100 team, QUINTEssential, had the opportunity to work with the National Adoption Center, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia. In order to prepare for the National Adoption Center’s 40th anniversary gala in the spring, we … Continue reading 

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Dancing Around Philly

Tonjanika Smith

It’s funny how things just…happen. One night, I was casually mentioning that I was interested in working with nonprofit organizations. Next thing I know, I am spending every Saturday morning in Southwest Philly, volunteering. Yes, you read right. Every Saturday … Continue reading 

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