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Getting Involved On Campus

Vina Prajapati

When I arrived at Penn, it seemed that much of my semester had already been decided. I already knew the classes I would take, the dining halls I would eat at, and the libraries I would pull all-nighters in. However, … Continue reading 

The Cohort System: A Freshman’s Take

Sneha Chidambaram

On the very first Tuesday of New Student Orientation, also fondly known as “NSO,” I walk into classroom F65 with a mix of emotions—extremely anxious, nervous and excited to meet my fellow “yennies.” Ever since then, my cohort has been … Continue reading 

Making an Impact

Emily Zhen

As a freshman coming into Wharton, I knew that there would be an endless number of opportunities at Penn to get involved and find my niche. During New Student Orientation my first semester, I attended “clubbing night” – a night dedicated to … Continue reading 

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Eating Well

Elaine Chen

It’s inevitable. At some point, every student experiences “dining hall fatigue.” Sure, the dining options are varied and taste good, but at some point they become, for lack of a better word, boring. Yes, even the excitement of unlimited access … Continue reading 

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Lessons of a Student-Athlete

Marissa Kay

“You play a sport and you’re in Wharton? How do you do it?” I get that question all the time. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. There have been quite a few nights of little sleep and lots of … Continue reading 

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Retail at Wharton

Makena Finger

When you think “Wharton” you might not immediately think of retail, but more and more Wharton grads are choosing to leverage their Wharton education in the retailing industry. There is a secondary undergraduate concentration in retailing, consisting of marketing, operations, … Continue reading 

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Mentorship at Wharton

Suriya Sharma

Mentorship programs are not necessarily the first things you consider when choosing a college, but I’ve found that Wharton’s emphasis on mentorship has been of the most beneficial aspects of the transition away from home. Before even starting the school … Continue reading 

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Wharton as an International Student

Christopher Motz

Coming from Canada, I am pretty much as vanilla as it gets for international students. The language is the same, the water flushes in the same direction, and people still drive on the right side of the road. However, that … Continue reading 

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Wharton and Penn: Limitless

Steven Peisach

Incredible professors, a practical curriculum, state-of-the art facilities. What more could you ask for? Why would anyone ever take a class outside of Huntsman Hall? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Well, as a senior looking back on my … Continue reading 

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The Major Benefit and Minor Process of Getting a Minor

David Moore

If there is one defining characteristic of students here at Wharton, it is that each student is interested in, and excels at, multiple different pursuits, whether they be academic or otherwise. While at first, being at business school may seem … Continue reading 

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