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5 Speaker Slides available for download

Abby Covert’s “Design Systems, Not Stuff “ Covert_Systems_not_Stuff Nick Floro’s “HTML5: Beyond the Hype” Floro_HTML5_Beyond_the_Hype_1-100 & Floro_HTML5_Beyond_the_Hype_101-192 Jessica Ivins’  ”Useful, Usable & Desirable: Designing for Users” Ivins_Designing_for_Users Mat Shaffer’s “Making it Rain: The Cloud from a user’s perspective” Shaffer_Automating_the_Cloud Matthew Soldo’s “Understanding Platform-as-a-Service” Soldo_Heroku

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Steve Wozniak’s Keynote at the 2012 Wharton Web Conference

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Keynote news, Cloud Track, and WWC Tech Expo

There’s still time to register for the Wharton Web Conference on July 10th, and we have some exciting news to share. Our keynote will be an interview of Steve Wozniak, technology pioneer, conducted by Kevin Werbach. Werbach is an Associate … Continue reading 

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Steve Wozniak to Keynote Wharton Web Conference 2012

Steve Wozniak will be keynoting the 2012 Wharton Web Conference on July 10th in Philadelphia, PA. Wozniak, or simply “Woz,” is a true industry pioneer who invented the world’s first personal computer and co-founded Apple Computer. Woz has had a … Continue reading 

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Testimonials and last year’s Keynotes

For all those pondering whether or not you should register for this year’s Wharton Web conference, here’s the answer: you should. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out this video featuring several attendees from last … Continue reading 

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Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz: bestselling author, TED Talker (three times over), professor of psychology at Swarthmore, and…the first keynote presenter of this year’s Wharton Web Conference. In his bestselling book “The Paradox of Choice,” Schwartz posits, contrary to popular belief, more choice … Continue reading 

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