Plugin FAQ

Questions about a plugin? Here’s a list of plugins we provide

  • All in One SEO
  • CMS Tree Page View – Good for managing static sites with lots of pages.
  • Diamond MultiSite Widgets
  • Disqus – An enhanced commenting system.
    • Requires a free account with their service.
    • In the settings you can use /cdr.html as your blank page.
  • GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools – Easy administration of custom posts and taxonomies.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Allows for better indexing of your site.
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – Adds a client side generated checkbox to the comment form requesting that the user clicks it to prove they are not a spammer. Bots wont see it so their spam comment will be discarded.
  • Lightbox Plus – Nice enhancement to build in images and galleries.
  • Markdown for WordPress and bbPress – You can write in markdown if you prefer.
  • Member Access – Allows you to require login for posts.
  • People Lists – Allows you to group site users together for display via shortcode.
  • Search Regex – Find and Replace across your entire site.
  • Simple Tags – Tools for tag selection and suggestion.
  • Simpler CSS – Allows you to add your own CSS to the active theme.
  • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved – If you’re posting code snippets, this will make them look nice.
  • Twitter Tools – Provides tools for a twitter widget as well as auto-posting to twitter.
  • User Photo – Allows users to associate photos with their accounts.
  • WP-TweetButton – Add the new Twitter “tweet” button to your posts.
  • WPtouch – Instant touch-friendly mobile version of your site.


Why doesn’t plugin X work on my blog?

You must enable the plugin on your blog. There are only a few plugins that are network-enabled.

What plugins are network enabled?

Blog Owner Role, cets_blog_defaults, and the plugin we use for authentication.

Why aren’t you using Akismet (or other spam-filtering)?

Use of Akismet for this blog requires an enterprise license. We are exploring options in getting a license or using a different plugin.

Why doesn’t SyntaxHighlighter Evolved work in my Markdown blog post?

You must surround your code block with a div when you use Markdown as the formatting language. This lets the Markdown interpreter know to leave the code block alone.

How do I syntax highlight my code?

Surround your code with:

[code lang=”sql”]

SELECT top 1 * from users


If your code still isn’t highlighted, we may not support the particular language. Contact us to add support.

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